So long VMware ESXi

I have moved off of the “free” version of VMWare ESXi to the open Source Proxmox.

2 drives in my raid array failed, so I lost the whole thing. I have my HP DL380 G7 set up using RAID 5, so I can only lose 1 disk.

Not a huge loss as this is my homelab, but I did have a few boxes that I used regularly, like a git server, web server, most importantly, a locked down ssh server.

So I have to rebuild them manually as the “free” version of ESXi doesn’t make it easy to do an image backup, as this feature is disabled. There are a few hacked together ways to do it, but I never took the time to do that.

So far with Proxmox, it’s literately point and click backup of a server in the GUI. It gzips as well. I plan to script it and scp the backups over to another machine.

Another plus for me of using Proxmox, it’s based on Debian Stretch! So I have all the Debian software available to me.

It’s been a week, and am really liking what I’ve seen so far.

I’m kicking off the git server rebuild soon, and I will post details of my steps, so that I have a record of what I did.

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