New post for a new toy.

I have a gig ethernet network setup in my house, and we have multiple PC’s and wireless devices all accessing a Xfinity 75/10 cable connection.
We have good download speeds and I really have no problems with Xfinity.

The problem I do have is with all the damn ads while using a wireless device! It makes browsing on a wireless device a bad experience as far as I’m concerned.

I started researching an “ad-blocker at the firewall” solution and saw the pi-hole solution.

I wanted something more than a Rasberry-Pi. I also wanted to run ESXi at home for “educational purposes..”

So I found a nice slightly used HP DL380 G7 locally on Craigslist, which I picked up for a decent price. Here are the specs:
HP DL380 G7
2x 2.40 GHz Xeon E5620 CPUs
32 GB Ram
8 x 146 GB SAS Hot Swap drives. (configured in Raid 5-0).
Dual power supplies

I downloaded ESXi 6.0 and run it from USB, saving disk space.

I then set my first VM: Ubuntu 16.04 Server, minimal install.
I set up a 20 GB drive to run pi-hole.
I used the default install and had no issues getting it installed.

The only tweak I made was for the script was looking for eth0, but ubuntu server uses systemd, so it’s now called ens###.

I fixed my wiring and set up my homelab space correctly, so now I have ads being blocked before they even hit my devices.

I’m one happy pi-hole customer.

Next up is a monitoring server, vpn server, web server, etc.

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