So long VMware ESXi

I have moved off of the “free” version of VMWare ESXi to the open Source Proxmox.

2 drives in my raid array failed, so I lost the whole thing. I have my HP DL380 G7 set up using RAID 5, so I can only lose 1 disk.

Not a huge loss as this is my homelab, but I did have a few boxes that I used regularly, like a git server, web server, most importantly, a locked down ssh server.

So I have to rebuild them manually as the “free” version of ESXi doesn’t make it easy to do an image backup, as this feature is disabled. There are a few hacked together ways to do it, but I never took the time to do that.

So far with Proxmox, it’s literately point and click backup of a server in the GUI. It gzips as well. I plan to script it and scp the backups over to another machine.

Another plus for me of using Proxmox, it’s based on Debian Stretch! So I have all the Debian software available to me.

It’s been a week, and am really liking what I’ve seen so far.

I’m kicking off the git server rebuild soon, and I will post details of my steps, so that I have a record of what I did.

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New Bike

Just picked up this last Saturday:

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New post for a new toy.

I have a gig ethernet network setup in my house, and we have multiple PC’s and wireless devices all accessing a Xfinity 75/10 cable connection.
We have good download speeds and I really have no problems with Xfinity.

The problem I do have is with all the damn ads while using a wireless device! It makes browsing on a wireless device a bad experience as far as I’m concerned.

I started researching an “ad-blocker at the firewall” solution and saw the pi-hole solution.

I wanted something more than a Rasberry-Pi. I also wanted to run ESXi at home for “educational purposes..”

So I found a nice slightly used HP DL380 G7 locally on Craigslist, which I picked up for a decent price. Here are the specs:
HP DL380 G7
2x 2.40 GHz Xeon E5620 CPUs
32 GB Ram
8 x 146 GB SAS Hot Swap drives. (configured in Raid 5-0).
Dual power supplies

I downloaded ESXi 6.0 and run it from USB, saving disk space.

I then set my first VM: Ubuntu 16.04 Server, minimal install.
I set up a 20 GB drive to run pi-hole.
I used the default install and had no issues getting it installed.

The only tweak I made was for the script was looking for eth0, but ubuntu server uses systemd, so it’s now called ens###.

I fixed my wiring and set up my homelab space correctly, so now I have ads being blocked before they even hit my devices.

I’m one happy pi-hole customer.

Next up is a monitoring server, vpn server, web server, etc.

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New Mustang Seat

The stock seat was killing me, so last season I went with an Airhawk 2 cruiser pad, which helped, but I still had pain after about an hour, up from a half hour.

I have been researching aftermarket seats for a while, and I decided on either a Ultimate Seat, or a Mustang seat. I have heard good about both, but it seems like Ultimate gets better reviews online.

When I decided to pull the trigger on the Ultimate seat, I called them up and the first thing they asked me is my height and weight. When I told them, they told me that the seat wouldn’t work for my height/weight. They would sell me one, but that I would probably be returning it. So rather than fork over $500 to find out if it worked or not, I started scouring ebay for used seats. I never did see an ultimate seat, but there are many mustang’s available that fit the bike.

I lucked out and found one that was listed in excellent shape, and it was local. I decided to win this auction and was able to pick it up on 5/3. The seller was correct, the seat was in excellent condition, not a mark on it and was obviously well taken care of. He stated that he had purchased it last year, and used it for the season. He stated that is selling his V-Star this year and put back on the stock seat, sot that is why it was avaliable. So, lucky for me I got a great deal on a slightly used Mustang Wide Tourer (Model 75266).

I’ve put about 75 miles on it since 5/3, and all it has made a hugh difference. It does push me forward about an inch toward the tank, but I have 4 inch extensions, so my knee angle is not that much off compared to the stock seat. My feet are positioned a little differently on the floorboards, but it’s not far off from where they were with the stock seat. I just need to get used to the new foot position.

The bike feels better to me now, an “in the bike” feeling versus an “on the bike” feeling. With this seat it feels more “natural” to me, meaning that leaning, accelerating, slowing, stopping feel better.

Bottom line – My rear feels a lot better even after 75 miles. Mustang has another satisfied customer. Why did I wait so long…

New Mustang Seat.

New Mustang Seat.

New Mustang Seat.

New Mustang Seat.

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First Ride 2014

First ride of 2014 was a little brisk.

Changed the oil and did a “t-clocs” inspection on it, then took it out.

Mileage before the first ride of the season.

Mileage before the first ride of the season.

First Ride of the season.

First Ride of the season.

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Added New Shield and Passing Lamps

I added a Star Windshield and Star Passing Lamps.
Also got my forward controls installed and calibrated properly.

New Shield

New Passing Lamps

Forward Controls.

All work by Cycle Craft Yamaha of Woodstock, IL.

Click on images to enlarge.
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First Ride of 2013!

New for 2013:  
Added a Kuryakyn Triple Whammy Run-Turn-Brake light kit, with red turn signals lenses.
Added a Custom Dynamics 100 LED Taillight.

Planning on adding a windscreen and passing lamps in the near future.


Click images to enlarge.

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Corporate Douchebaggery

These are the management skills that a $60K MBA from a well known Southern California University gets you:

Wednesday, January 27, 2010 11:13 AM

I expect EVERY SINGLE PERSON GETTING THIS EMAIL to install and setup and test their RSA Software by Thursday at Midnight. * will be running a report on Friday against the server side VPN software to see exactly who has registered their pin. I will be comparing it to this list to ensure its compliance. If there is an issue or you won’t be doing so I expect you to talk to me directly (or by phone) and will make exceptions. This is a very big deal and although I have to yet to send someone home for failing to miss a directive like this, I might consider doing so for failing to follow this direction. I just want to be clear. GET IT DONE!

There is a list on the wall. Erase when you have completed your testing.

signed Douche Bag

Friday June 11, 2010 13:39 PM

Misc. bullshit from the top of the email removed.




signed DB

Please note that the capitalization, font color and wording has not been altered in any way – only the names have been removed.

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Last Ride of 2012

Pic from my last ride of my first season: November 11, 2012:

Click image to enlarge.

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Converted it to a “bagger”.


Shifter side.


Exhaust Side.

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